S-Mechaniki was first created in 1984 with the name E.S Engineering, a Technical Company based in Athens and its main activities were oriented to fulfill a wide range of mechanical, construction and erection services in the fields of Refineries, Chemical Industries, and Electric Stations and generally in Industry.

In 2008 E.S. Engineering came in agreement with SICES GROUP (MI) for the creation of a Societe Anonyme in Greece, named Sices Technical Hellas S.A. executing projects in the above mentioned fields.

In parallel S- Mechaniki was established in 2001 and was operating under the direction of E. Sakantanis and working in the field of construction and erection works in Airport Construction, Refineries, Power Plants, Desalination Plants, Waste & Recycling factories as well as for the operation and maintenance of the Industrial Installations, and also as the main subcontractor of Sices Technical Hellas s.a.

In 2013 all Direct and Indirect personnel as well as the shop installations and equipment came under the ownership and administration of S-Mechaniki, which is now continuing all activities for Industry in Greece and abroad.

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