Safety at Work



S-Mechaniki usually activates in high-risk areas (Refineries, Petrochemicals, Electric Power Plants), which makes it extremely sensitive in issue of safety at work.

The main concern and constant goal of the Management is the successful execution of the projects it undertakes through safe practices as these are specified by the law and they contribute to the minimization of any exposure of the company's personnel to danger during execution of the works..

The Company in its long-lasting course in the field of constructions has successfully executed Complex and High Risk projects keeping Safety at Work as its first priority with excellent results.

S-Mechaniki has established and applies an Occupational Health & Safety system and, apart from the personnel insurance prescribed by the law, as well as the insurance of the projects against third parties, the Company provides its Personnel with additional group insurance at a private insurance agency for the accident coverage during work.

Within the framework of safe work, the Company follows a program of preventive maintenance of its machinery (welding machines, electric panels, wires, etc) and keeps its cranes certified.

Finally, for the supervision and the smooth and continuous operation of the aforementioned, S-Mechaniki has included in its human resources a Safety Technician, as well as a Safety Doctor.


Workers Duties


  1. Every worker must take care of his and other people safety and health in the workplace.
  2. In particular, every worker must:
    1. observe the instructions given by the employer, manager and foremen about collective and individual protection;
    2. use properly the machinery, equipment, tools, dangerous substances, transport and work equipment and safety devices;
    3. use properly their available protective devices;
    4. Report immediately to the employer, manager or foreman the deficiencies of equipments and tools and any other dangerous conditions. During emergency, in accordance with his responsibilities and capabilities, he tries to eliminate or to reduce deficiencies or hazards, giving notice to the HSE representative;
    5. participate in information and training programs organized by the employer;
    6. not remove or alter without authorization safety devices, alarm or control;
    7. not perform operations or practice that does not concern them or which may jeopardize own safety or other workers;
    8. undergo health checks provided for them;
    9. Contribute, together with the employer, managers and foremen, to fulfil all obligations imposed by the competent authority or otherwise necessary to protect safety and health of workers at work.

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