Completed Projects



  • Erection of Boiler Unit in Aspropyrgos Refinery
  • API Separators in Aspropyrgos and in Elefsina Refinery
  • Repairing of Tanks and Mechanical Works for HELPE BEA & MEGARA STATION ( 2012-2013)
  • Supply & Erection of Aluminum dome roof for Tank P-8707A in HELPE BEA, KE072538
  • Erection Works for Area 1 – ERUP VACUUM UNIT
  • Repair and upgrade Tanks (ΤΚ78,ΤΚ24,ΤΚ13,ΤΚ11,ΤΚ6, ΤΚ8,ΤΚ30,ΤΚ40 &ΤΚ23) in the facilities of HELPE BE
  • Prefabrication and Erection of Painted Stack in MOH HELLAS
  • Prefabrication of Flocculation Tanks in ELPE BEE
  • Covers & Scrapers System for HELPE BEE
  • Prefabrication and Assembly of three Boilers
  • Unit Erection of three (3) Boilers in HELPE BEE Elefsis Attica
  • Repairing Works in Tanks TK-15 & TK-64 of HELPE BEE
  • Inq. No: 1020000185 Modification on Existing Tanks of U-60 ERUP
  • Inq. No: 1020000534 Demolition of Tank-60_TK-27
  • Mechanical Works for Area 1 – ERUP
  • Replacement Cross Over F-202 No1
  • PR 2279 North MOH
  • Erection of Piping of New Tanks  T-760 & T-780
  • Heater Construction Pensotti Fabrica Caldale Legnano s.p.a. in Elefsis Shipyard
  • Shut Down Works 2009
  • New LPG Bullets-Pumps Installation and Piping in MOH Refinery
  • Erection of Piping and Installation of air-coolers in HELPE BEA
  • Erection of piping and installation of air coolers in HELPE BEA
  • Erection of pipe rack and prefabrication and erection of pipe rack piping
  • Repair of Tank Τ-769
  • New LPG BULLETS – Dismantling at Piping from/to  Τ-3401
  • Replacement Pipe 8’’ Service Water
  • New LPG BULLETS – Metallic Protection for  Ρ-816C Pump
  • Replacement of Sewage System at U-1400
  • Repairing of Tanks and Mechanical Works for HELPE BEA & MEGARA STATION
  • Replacement parts of Pipes in U-100
  • Erection Works for the Thermal Reactors Upgrading of Sulphur Recovery Units U-3700A/B during T/A
  • Installation of Flow meters for FUEL OIL
  • Piping Works for Sewage System at MOTOR OIL Refinery
  • Repair of Tanks TK-47, 54, 66, 78 & 59
  • Replacement of Steel Tubes and meter of level in ΤΚ-762Β
  • Replacement of Roof support Frames for TK-777
  • Fabrication and Erection Infrastructure of mixers for T-763
  • Installation of three API Separators _ Re-establishment Floating Covers & Repair Works in API Separators 2A/B
  • Infrastructure for Natural Gas in Refinery
  • Piping and Mechanical Works
  • Repair of Tanks TK-10, 28, 76 & 80
  • Fabrication and Erection of Floating Desalination Plant
  • Installation of Equipment, Piping and Fire Fighting Systems for FAMAR, AVLONA
  • Installation of Piping for Refinery Works
  • Installation of Piping and Equipment & Steel Structures for BIOFOR Revamping, Installation of GRP/GRE pipes and fittings for waste Treatment Unit
  • Replacement of Bottom, Roof and Heating Coil for Tank T-776 (D=47m)
  • Replacement of Annular Ring and Roof Repair of Heating Coil for Tank T-746 (D=18m) Repair of Shell and Heating Coil for Tanks T-738 and T-719 (D=5m)
  • Installation of new Pipe Line Φ8’’
  • Installation of Sample Nozzles on Stacks for U-2200, U-2400- Fabrication and Erection of Circular Platforms and Ladders
  • Piping works and Repairs for ELPE S.A. Refinery and T/A works
  • Various Projects Constructions of Metal Works
  • Revamping of Unit 3300 Piping Works
  • Drainage of 6 heavy Fuel Tanks D:76.200mm
  • Replacement of Roof for Tank TK-75 D:76.200mm
  • Replacement of Shell plating of Tank T-704
  • Construction of Pipe Rack, Platforms and railings for U-3400
  • Construction of Pipe Rack, Platforms and railings for U-2200
  • Construction and erection of Roof for Methanol Tank P-8711
  • Fabrication of three Tanks for PPC at Crete
  • Modifications of Loading stations N°6 and Ν°7
  • Interconnecting works for TAME Unit
  • Replacement and Repair of Cooling and Foam systems of Tanks at Megara station
  • Repair of Biological system
  • WORKS DURING SHUT DOWN IN UNITS U-2100,U-3200,U-3500,U-4400& U-3700 and Installation of internal discs in K-4401 and modification of Pipelines
  • Works : 3840 – The fabrication and erection of pipe lines for asphalt plants, 3829 – Fabrication and erection of pipe lines to T727/8, 2827 – Draining of pumps P 351 A/b to the suction line of P 352
  • Installation of architectural steel and stainless steel gratings, platforms, ladders, gratings at New Athens International Airport “Eleutherios Venizelos” in Spata
  • Construction - Installation of steel and Stainless Steel Balustrades, platforms, Access ladders, gratings at New Athens International Airport “Eleutherios Venizelos” in Spata
  • Prefabrication – Erection of leaning steel structure Convection Section in Unit Furnace 2000 of EL.PE S.A.
  • Restoration – Repair of Tank TK-702 in LPC Hellas in Hellenic Aspropyrgos Refinery
  • Repair and Maintenance works in White Product Tanks in Aspropyrgos
  • Restoration of Tank after an explosion in LPC Hellas
  • Repair of bottom and replacement of shell plating in Tank TK-58
  • Construction of Air-cooler bases
  • Restoration of Mechanical Seal in Tanks T-761 and T-703
  • Upgrading of Vessel Desalted O-2102
  • Installation of Flying Ash Handing System of Ag. Dimitrios S.E.S Unit IV, Kozani
  • PETREX system’s oil separator of ELDA S.A
  • Repair and Erection of floating roof in Tank P-8738, construction of Clean Out Door in Tank P-8755B
  • Replacement of Expansion Joints and of insulation of steam line 6” to Φ14” of Flare Stack
  • Construction and Installation of piping in LPC Unit in Aspropyrgos
  • Cleaning and repairing in petroleum Tanks in Megara
  • Sandblasting of three Tanks in PETROLA Hellas
  • Cleaning of Tank, replacement of bottom plates and first shell course, painting and insulation of Tank in Nickel factory in Larimna
  • Prefabrication and installation of piping and hydraulic test of all networks of Petrola Hellas S.A. in Elefsina
  • Dismantling and installation of new piping in LPG
  • Reviewing works in Unit III for START-UP
  • Repairing works in three spherical tank cabinets
  • Replacement of barring of Tank T-2404 in Refineries in Korinthos
  • Retubing and repair of desalination inverter in Unit 3700
  • Cleaning, repairing in crude oil tanks of leaded and unleaded petroleum products
  • Construction works for observation posts and lighting gate towers and barring systems in Kalohori station
  • Rebuilding of piping in old jetty in Aspropyrgos
  • Construction and installation of Fire Fighting pipe Φ 14” from the Refinery to the jetty

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