Safety policy



S-Mechaniki policy is to operate and to work safely, using the resources necessary to prevent accidents. Safety behaviour must be an essential and continuous during work, so there is full and unconditional commitment at all levels.

The specific objectives are:

  1. Implement the measures of prevention and protection as a result of risks assessment and in accordance with national laws and rules.
  2. Sensitize and educate personnel about safety through moments of information and training.
  3. Maintain the safety conditions for individual and collective, in compliance with national laws and rules in accordance with specialist experience in this field.
  4. Develop criteria for the allocation of functions in the organizational restructuring of the company.

Environment policy

S-Mechaniki's policy is to work consistently and with perfect balance between environmental and economic interests, respecting all laws and regulations, and usual standard where there aren't laws and regulations.

Health policy

S-Mechaniki's policy is conducting its activities so as to protect employees and others involved in its operations, customers and visitors.

To this end the company works with organizations and institutions in order to respect the laws and regulations; where laws and regulations don't exist, it's committed to adhere to standards identified with a sense of responsibility.

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